May 13, 2007

Fatima first day 90 years ago - Short after the FINAL DESCENT into Hell begun

Fatima, Portugal, 90 years this day, dancing on top of the volcano, descending into the Lake of Fire

Fatima, 13 May 1917 - the first day of Fatima at the beginning of the FINAL DESCENT into Hell.

Berlin, July 1914 - the illuminati sent people dancing on top of the volcano. People accepted the invitation, no wonder they did not hear as the first trumpet echoed.

Fatima, 13 October 1917 - the last time. 70,000 people believed to see the sun dancing in the skies above.

October 25, 1962- the illuminati dancing on top of the volcano. This time the miracle of Fatima was meant to be visible to everyone under the sun. "Ironically" almost nobody was able to see it until years after.

13 May 2007 - the sun is dancing again. This time on top of the volcano, for 7 billion people.

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