Apr 29, 2017

Fatima 100th annniversary what will happen

Since Fatima's 50th anniversary, 1967: Year after year attendance at masses (or rather messes) in catholic churches reach new lows, while on May 13 and October 13, Fatima's first and last days ...

Fatima: worldwide the largest pilgrimage to a christian sanctuary during the last generation
Illuminati media, 2 days before the 100th anniversary 
Fatima mystery blends visions, miracles and supernatural

FATIMA: the 3 BASIC facts plus what will happen
By the only one worldwide who, the day of 2008 when Hitlery "Clinton gave up the race" predicted that "Obama" (and now also "Trump") would be stripped of their presidential title, let alone the FULL BIG BANG script.
A script that includes having Hitler's oldest daughter (also Angela Merkel's half sister, both Illuminati Grand Master's cousins once removed) be crowned Miss Universe, "first woman ever US president, the real 44th POTUS" just before the global kill shot, alias mandatory "vaccination".

FATIMA: the 3 BASIC facts
1. An impostor plays the role of "Sister Lucy" or Lucia since 1959, when she was ritually murdered, May 13.
2. May 13, 1959: months after the illuminati took control of the Vatican; months before the date announced by Lucia and confirmed by the last real pope, Pius XII, as deadline for the revelation of the third vision.
3. Fatima 1917, the vision that Lucia claimed, was a God sent message. It includes what would happen: 
- immediately after, when for the first time ever the Ordo Illuminatus took control of ALL of Europe and the USA, after agent Lenin took control of the russian empire. 
- shortly before 1960 (in 1958): after 760 years illuminati finally take control of the Vatican.

Apr 29, 2017: 
FATIMA: what will happen in 2 weeks
Illuminati mock Fatima's 100th anniversary with "miracles", two of them part of the script "Football miracles by pope Francis, who is crazy for footbal".

Eurovision song "contest", set for May 13.
Portugal does not normally even qualify for the final and never won it. 
This year's portuguese song: only one not in english, with a deliberately grotesque twist; performed by supposedly former street artist casted as mockery of Jesus, from name Saviour (Salvador) to looks, same as the 2014 winner, "Conchita".
But Portugal's first ever victory will be "not a real miracle after all: only because of compassion for a young man who will die if he does not get soon a heart transplant".
Context notes: 
- same as any other votes counted by the illuminati, "results" are always scripted. 
- in this case human cattle actually voluntarily pays (60 cts for each phone call) to "vote", what perfectly fulfills the illuminati religion commandment of endless deception.

Portuguese football league: Tetra Miracle: The script: 
May 13, hours after the end of the "Pope"'s tetra in Portugal (Francis No Number is the FOURTH "pope" to visit Fatima, after "popes" Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI):
- in case of a victory of Benfica (the most popular portuguese team) it will for the first time in its 100+ years History win the title FOUR times in a row (tetra champion), 
- this as Benfica is coached by Victory (Rui Vitoria) while the coaches of the two other main teams (Sporting and Porto) are Jesus (Jorge Jesus) and Holy Spirit (Nuno Espirito Santo).
Note this previous act: two years earlier Benfica got its 33th title (the second as part of the eventual first tetra ever) while coached by Jesus.

Added May 12:
More football miracles, this time as close to Fatima as it gets, albeit designed for sceptics:
One day after Fatima's 100th anniversary: 
if the Fatima football team achieves the impossible result (to beat team Louletano by more than FOUR goals difference) then it will be promoted from the third into the second league.
Yet there's a line in script to foment skepticism about Fatima's miracles: the arab Abdoulmouti Akaai owns both teams. In other words: a script of the "to be self-exposed" type.

May 10 - Real (the team that will move from third to second league unless Fatima football team performs a miracle) alerts about arab possibly rigging Fatima-Louletano

Eurovision 2014: Conchita is a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.
Illuminati mock Jesus with a come back  as transvestite to take it all at the end of the show: from Oscar for actor in a supporting role to Eurovision Song contest.
ALL and I really mean ALL, explained in advance.

Euro 2016: Portugal team arrives at Lisbon airport: Cross of Christ on fire: the original SCRIPT

1867: Marxism the weapon to finally start the break-up of Russia and take control of the Vatican
Russia prevented several times the illuminati from achieving the One World Government, alias Global Slavery.
No wonder that the break-up of Russia was at the top of the illuminati agenda.
It wasn't until 1867 that the illuminati invented the decisive weapon to finally successfully start implementing the goal.
"Coincidentally"´the very same weapon to finally achieve the goal behind the creation of the Ordo Teutonicus in 1198: to take control of the Vatican.

THIRD SECRET - among what was already fulfilled.
Pedophile bomb: planted by fake popes since 1958 - NAPOLEON is all it takes to prove it.
Napoleon stands for the first illuminati attempt to conquer Moscow.
Napoleon's military defeat 1812 also interrupted this:

Elections by voting machines are always rigged, the sky is the limit.
Now "elections" where people still count paper ballots are ALSO rigged.
The basic trick is as simple as: conceal results for each ballot box and publish only aggregate results.
It works because the leaders of the parties belong ALL to one and the same secret society.